About Barton Lumber

Founded in 1975, we are the local leader in construction supply. For decades we've provided rough and planed lumber as well as a full line of building materials to our many loyal customers.  Our customers trust us to carry the highest-quality items available at prices they can afford. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff is the backbone of our business.

We have an expansive list of products in stock, but if we don't have the item you need in stock, we're happy to order it for you. Visit us today and find out why we're the best!


A History Of Barton Lumber

Around the turn of the twentieth century, three men, John Dow, David Barton and Fred Pettinghill, came together to create the lumber operation which would later become Barton Lumber Company. Each of the three men had an important asset to contribute to the venture: John Dow owned a sawmill, David Barton could supply timber lots, and Fred Pettinghill would be their salesman.  Together, these men named their new business Down, Barton and Pettinghill.

Dow, Barton and Pettinghill ran as a successful business for about thirty years, after which time Pettinghill retired. In 1938 Dow passed away, leaving the business to Barton, who ran the business until 1947, when his nephews Kenneth and Allan entered into the partnership. The three men continued on the business, until Barton died ten years later, leaving Kenneth and Allan to carry on. In 1972 Kenneth’s sons Bruce and David Barton entered into the partnership, while their uncle retired from the business.

For the first 80 years of the operations, the business was portable. The men would move their sawmill from lot to lot, saying timbers on site. But in 1981, the Barton men decided it would be more beneficial to become a stationary mill. Starting with a single building, the operation has grown to include a kiln, planing facility, storage sheds, offices and a retail building.

In 2008, due to the increasing prices of fuel and the decreasing economy, Barton Lumber closed its sawmill. While the sawing has been discontinued, Barton Lumber Company continues to be a thriving retail operation, offering a full range of building supplies and lumber, and the occasional custom planing job.